5 Low Competition Keywords For Website Easily Rank On Google

Low Competition Keywords - If you are reading this article, then it means that you also have to build a website that can be easily ranked on Google or if you have to search for "Low Competition Keyword" for your website, then your search is over now. Because in this article I will tell you which is the Low Competition Keyword.

Note - If you are reading this article long after the article has been published and many visitors have read this article, then the same competition will be increased for you on this low competition keyword. Because the purpose of this website is not to cheat you in any way. I hope you understand me.

First of all, you have to open your google on desktop, if you use mobile then you have to open desktop mode in your mobile. After that you have to search the keywords given below to see if any website is not ranking on this keyword? If you are doing, then you have to check the backlink of that website and make more backlink from that website, from which your website will also appear in the first Google list.

Now let's talk about the keyword of Low Competition Keyword, but there is a volume search of 10K to 278K every month on all these keywords. You must have now understood how much beneficial it can be for your website.

Low Competition Keyword For Website Easily Rank On Google

 1. Hindi Poems

  • Keyword Difficulty - 4 (Easy)
  • Traffic - 10K / Month
  • Click Website - 4.7K / Month
  • Required Backlink - 5 (For Fist Page Google)
  • CPC - $ 0.35

2. Old Songs

  • Keyword Difficulty - 8 (Easy)
  • Traffic - 68K / Month
  • Click Website - 40K / Month
  • Required Backlink - 10 (For Fist Page Google)
  • CPC - $ 0.05

 3. Moral Story in Hindi

  • Keyword Difficulty - 2 (Easy)
  • Traffic - 25K / Month
  • Click Website - 20K / Month
  • Required Backlink - 5 (For Fist Page Google)
  • CPC - $ 0.45

 4. Airtel Costumer Care

  • Keyword Difficulty - 7 (Easy)
  • Traffic - 278K / Month
  • Click Website - 125K / Month
  • Required Backlink - 5-8 (For Fist Page Google)
  • CPC - $ 1.00 - $ 0.45

 5. Wapking

  • Keyword Difficulty - 2 (Easy)
  • Traffic - 308K / Month
  • Click Website - 172K / Month
  • Required Backlink - 15 (For Fist Page Google)
  • CPC - $ 0.10

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